La Colmena Coworking was created by Francesco and Paddy, with a lot of help from family and friends.

Photo of Paddy and his daughter, Ária
Paddy, from Ireland, web developer
Photo of Francesco
Francesco, from Italy, naval architect/engineer

Our Story

It started as an idea back in 2019. Both Fran and I wanted to find a place to work from, to help keep work and family life a little more separate. And instead of just renting an office for the two of us, we decided to create a coworking space.

We spent a year or so casually looking at potential locations. We even briefly considered buying a building. One option had good lighting, but was small. Another had a cool layout, but turned out to have serious water damage.

Finally, we found our home in Calle Teniente Trujillo 2 Bajo, Prado del Rey. It needed renovations, but had a little room we could start working from right away, while we awaited the construction work.

The small office before renovations
The first small office we worked from. Eventually it would become our meeting room
The small office after some light renovations
Happily working after some light renovations. A small milestone achieved!

What was expected to be around three months of renovations turned into almost nine. We were on hold until all of the construction work finished.

The main space before renovations
Our main office space before renovations

Our own renovations begin

After a little exercise in patience, by summer 2022 we could really get to work. The upstairs renovations were finished and we could commence our own.

New plumbing goes down
New plumbing goes down

We knocked down a big wall to create more space, and put in a large interior window to let in more light. A new front door went in too.

New plumbing goes down
Taking down a wall
Taking out the old front door
Taking out the old front door
Putting in an interior window
The new interior window goes in

My uncle Martin flew over from Ireland to help us with our little kitchen.

Kitchen in progress
Kitchen in progress

Fran’s dad visited several times and did a tremendous amount of work.

Francesco and his father putting up the lighting
Francesco and his father putting up the lighting

Cristina poured her heart and soul into designing and decorating the space, hand painting beautiful tiles, selecting and sourcing furniture, and hand crafting other pieces of art for our walls.

Map of the world
Wall decoration of leaves made out of wool hanging from a branch
Hand-painted tile of a bee

Abraham helped with legal and accounting advice.

Rosa helped us assess several potential locations, and her husband Alfonso genorously drew our worker bees.

 An illustration of two bees chatting with a coffee

Antonio helped tiling our small patio.

Our patio

And the owners of the space have been amazing to work with, generous and supportive from the beginning.

A hive of collaborative creation

So much collaboration in creating the space was the perfect start. An infusion of positive and creative energy to help make a place that we hope will be filled with collaborations, people doing diverse interesting projects, and that’s a pleasure to work from.

We opened our doors November 2022.

The main coworking area
The main coworking area
Our meeting room
Our meeting room
Our little kitchen
Our little kitchen
Part of our chill-out area
Part of our chill-out area

Come work at La Colmena

If you’d like to work at La Colmena, come try it for a day for free. Or, if you’re curious about coworking, drop by any time and say hi!

The entrance to La Colmena Coworking Rural