Collage of a beautiful Spanish white village and a rural coworking space
Prado del Rey / La Colmena, a Rural Coworking in Southern Spain

The world of rural coworking in Spain is humming. New innovative spaces are regularly opening their doors, and non-profits are busy advocating for the support and development of rural coworking, knowing the benefits it can bring. This post aims to be a well-maintained collection of resources and news related to rural coworking in Spain.

The CoworkingSpain Newsletter

An incredible resource for information about all aspects of coworking in Spain is the weekly newsletter by CoworkingSpain. The newsletter is only available in Spain. It provides the most comprehensive coworking news I’ve found in Spain.

Other Rural Coworkings Close By


Worklife is a coworking and coliving that opened in 2023. It’s situated in a beautifully restored building in the centre of Grazalema. Grazalema is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

Worklife is the only other rural coworking (in addition to La Colmena) we’re aware of in the Sierra de Cadiz. If you know of another, let us know! We’d love to connect.

Guadalinfo Vuela Centres

Guadalinfo is running a project Guadalinfo Vuela Strategy 22-25, for the digital transformation of Andalusian villages:

The new Guadalinfo Fly Points provide an easier, more useful, more complete, and more human digital experience. These are smart spaces attended by professionals so that citizens only have to worry about doing what they want or need to do: learn, use electronic services (health, banking, justice), carry out daily procedures, build with emerging technology, connect.

Their services include free WiFi and remote working and coworking desks in some centres. A Guadalinfo centre is open in Prado del Rey in the library.

Read Huelva plans to open 46 Guadalinfo Vuela centres in 2023.

Social and Digital Innovation Centre of Benarrabá

Benarrabá, a small village in the Serrania de Ronda, is launching a Social and Digital Innovation Centre.

The space “has an area of around 520 square meters spread over three floors, with Fiber Optic connectivity, Coworking areas, all within a Historic Building and in an unparalleled natural environment. Soon, it will house multiple Innovation Projects at all levels.”

We hope to visit the centre soon to learn more about the project.

Benarrabá is also part of the initiative Vente a Vivir a un Pueblo (Come Live in a Village).

“The platform that will help city dwellers decide which village is worth moving to, how, and why. Through video profiles, it answers the major questions someone might have when considering the switch from city to village: Connectivity, transportation, housing, education, healthcare, jobs, assistance, etc., and proves that it’s much easier, simpler, and more beneficial than one might imagine.

Vente a Vivir a un Pueblo is an exciting project that creates a compelling solution by connecting two challenges: a desire for a better lifestyle, more connection with nature, and the need for new life and growth in my small rural areas in Spain. The growth of rural coworking in Spain is very much synergistic with the platform offering an invaluable asset for remote workers seeking rural destinations.

Other similar initiatives are Holapueblo and Almanatura. Again, if you know of others, we’d love to hear!

European Rural Coworking Project

The tagline of the European Rural Coworking Project is Creating sustainable projects in rural clusters for a better Europe – together. The project is gaining steam again after a conference call that Paddy from La Colmena attended. The call took place in September 2023. Their first objectives have just been completed:

  • Identify local ambassadors for rural coworking across Europe.
  • Map rural and suburban Coworking spaces in Europe.

The second phase objectives are underway to develop:

  • An online (and in-real-life) community to share experiences, best practices, and success stories.
  • A place to develop our knowledge and skills, foster peer learning, and collectively enhance our ability to create sustainable and thriving ‘Rural hubs’.
  • A grassroots, participatory organization that can enter into public-private partnerships and collectively seek funding and support at the local, regional, national, and EU levels.

Hopefully, we have the chance to participate in the project. At the very least, we’ll keenly pay attention to its progress.

The European Rural Coworking Project is a project of the European Coworking Assembly.

First Congress on Remote Work Tourism and Digital Nomads of the province of Cádiz

The I Congreso de Turismo de Teletrabajo y Nómadas Digitales de la provincia de Cádiz (First Congress on Remote Work Tourism and Digital Nomads of the province of Cádiz) took place in November 2022. It was organised by the AETC, Asociación de Empresas Turísticas de Cádiz (Association of Tourism Businesses of Cadiz).

We were encouraged and pleasantly surprised to see a project focused on remote work and digital nomads, and La Colmena joined the AETC in 2023.

Why Rural Coworking in Spain Gaining Traction

The rise of rural coworking in Spain can be attributed to socio-economic and technological factors, with the COVID-19 pandemic playing a pivotal role. Post-pandemic, there has been a seismic shift in the way businesses view traditional office spaces. Many companies have realized that a significant portion of their workforce can operate remotely without sacrificing productivity. This newfound flexibility has freed up countless professionals to work from virtually anywhere, leading many to seek out less urban, more tranquil settings.

Benefits of Rural Coworking in Spain

With its picturesque landscapes, rich culture, and favorable climate, Spain has become a sought-after destination for these remote workers. The country’s rural areas offer an escape from the bustle of city life, providing serene environments that can boost mental well-being and creativity. Furthermore, Spain’s well-established tourism infrastructure makes transitioning to rural life easier. Affordable living costs in these areas and state-of-the-art connectivity options make them viable alternatives to the city. Moreover, the sense of community in these smaller locales, enhanced by coworking spaces, fosters collaboration and networking, allowing professionals to balance work and leisure. Rural coworking spaces are more than just workstations; they’re a testament to the evolving nature of work, which values quality of life just as much as professional accomplishment.

Benefits of Rural Coworking Generally

This list is compiled by the European Rural Coworking Project:

  • Empowering Rural Hubs: Rural coworking hubs, although small in scale, play a vital role in their local communities. Many of these hubs have limited resources and face challenges when it comes to expanding or attracting new opportunities.
  • Meeting the Demand: With changing work patterns and the increasing demand for remote work opportunities, more rural coworking hubs need to emerge. By collaborating, we can expedite the growth of rural coworking spaces.
  • Network Building: Through our collective efforts, we aim to make it easier to establish and operate rural coworking hubs. This network will provide support and resources to key individuals involved at all stages of development.
  • Raising Awareness: Rural hub developers often struggle to make their presence known beyond their immediate communities. We want to shed light on these hidden gems and promote rural areas as attractive destinations for work and living.
  • Leveraging Resources: With limited resources, it’s challenging for rural hubs to build strong relationships with local municipalities. By working together, we can better leverage these relationships for mutual benefit.
  • Overcoming Language Barriers: Language barriers can hinder the sharing of coworking-specific resources across Europe. By collaborating, we can bridge these language gaps and promote the exchange of valuable information.
  • Strategic Impact: The European coworking ecosystem stands to benefit greatly from a strategic and practical approach to rural coworking. Together, we can make a positive impact on the industry.
  • Diverse Work Opportunities: Our efforts will enable people to live, work, and travel to more diverse locations than just their hometown, opening up new opportunities for many.
  • Collaborative Learning: Joining forces with other European coworking leaders and enthusiasts provides a unique opportunity to learn from each other and collectively drive positive change.

About Us: La Colmena Coworking Rural, Sierra de Cadiz

We are a rural coworking in the heart of Prado del Rey, Sierra de Cadiz. Prado del Rey is a beautiful Andalusian white village of about 6,000 inhabitants. It is just a short drive, 1-2 hours, from some of Spain’s major cities, such as Malaga, Seville, and Jerez. Check out our home page to see what we offer.

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