Collage of a beautiful Spanish white village and a rural coworking space
Prado del Rey, Sierra de Cadiz / La Colmena Rural Coworking

This post shares our favourite restaurants, cheeses, bakery, outdoor activities, and more. Prado del Rey and the Sierra de Grazalema have a lot to offer. These recommendations are just a tiny personal taster.


Restaurants in Prado del Rey

  • Iptuci: If you eat meat, try the goats leg (cabrito al romero). They also have veggie options. Iptuci supplies much of their produce, meat, eggs, and cheese from their farm.
  • Caico’s: A little more pricey, but the food is always great. It’s the best place for seafood.
  • La Esquina de Carmen: Good for food or just for a drink.

There are other lovely places to eat in Prado del Rey; these are just some of our favourites.

Restaurants in El Bosque

  • Casa de la duende
  • La Divina
  • Mesón-Bar La Peña D’Ely

Local Organic Food: Eco Huerta Los Tamayos

For healthy, local, fresh, and organic produce, visit Eco Huerta Los Tamayos. You can buy directly from their store or order it to be delivered to Prado del Rey.

Local Wines

Local Sour Dough Bread

If you like great wholemeal sourdough bread, we’re lucky to have a fantastic bakery just off the main square. At the time of writing, the bakery is only open Tuesday and Thursday mornings: Location

Otherwise, there are several bakeries around if you like the typical white bread.

Shop for Local Artisanal Food Products

Tres Hornos, Prado del Rey

Tres Hornos: Wine, cheese, honey, baked goods, olive oil, conserves, and more.

Prado del Rey is famous for its quality honey. Tres Hornos is an excellent place to pick some up. Try the “Tomillo” (thyme) honey!

Venta Julián, El Bosque

Another nice store and restaurant in El Bosque is Venta Julián.


El Bosqueño, from El Bosque, is sold in the Coviran supermarkets in Prado del Rey. You could also visit the chees museum in El Bosque. Try the “semi-curado de oveja” (medium-aged sheep cheese), one of my favourites

La Pastora, from the village of Grazalema, sold in Tres Hornos

Outdoor and Adventure Activities

Check out the resources from Grazalema con Encanto for more hikes in the Sierra de Grazalema.

Some of our other favourite activities are:

  • Canyoning in La Garganta Verde
  • Cycling the Vía Verde from Puerto Serrano
  • Rock climbing in Benaocaz or Grazalema

We can put you in touch with a local guide to organise excursions and permits (when needed).