The beautiful white village Prado del Rey at night
Photo credit Guía de Cádiz

Prado del Rey is a charming town located in the heart of the Sierra de Cadiz in Spain. With its picturesque countryside and vibrant local community of around 6,000 inhabitants, it’s no wonder that this town is attracting more and more businesses looking to relocate to the area. Here are 9 reasons why Prado del Rey is the best town in the Sierra de Cadiz to relocate your business to.

1. Beautiful Surroundings

The town of Prado del Rey is surrounded by stunning scenery and rolling hills, offering businesses and their employees a tranquil and inspiring environment in which to work.

2. Proximity to Major Cities

Despite being located in the heart of the Sierra de Cadiz, Prado del Rey is just a short drive, 1-2 hours, from some of Spain’s major cities, such as Malaga, Seville, Jerez and Ronda providing easy access to airports, markets and customers.

A map of Spain showing the location of Prado del Rey

3. Affordable Cost of Living

The cost of living in Prado del Rey is significantly lower than in many of Spain’s other provinces, making it an affordable location for businesses to set up and employees to live.

Prado del Rey is well connected, with good transport links to the surrounding towns and cities, making it easy for businesses to reach their customers and suppliers. Amazon Prime is available with next day delivery.

5. Supportive Local Community

The local community in Prado del Rey is highly supportive of businesses, and the town is known for its entrepreneurial spirit and thriving business community.

6. Health and Fitness

Despite its small size, Prado del Rey offers a wide range of health and fitness classes. It is home to a few different gyms, including a CrossFit box, Box Zona 4. Box Zona 4 also hosts pilates and yoga classes. Other yoga classes are offered in the village also.

The internationally acclaimed yoga retreat centre, Suryalila, is located only a 10 minute drive away, with community yoga classes offered each Wednesday evening. Suryalila regularly runs diverse retreats like Yoga and Adventure, where you could undertake a series of exhilarating activities in the region.

Suryalila yoga retreat centre

Several local restaurants offer vegan-friendly dining options.

Being located right at the border of the Sierra de Grazalema you can hike in all directions. The village even hosts one of the most iconic mountain ultra marathons in Andalusia, CMSB, Cien Millas Sierras del Banolero if you or your employees feel like undertaking an epic challenge.

7. Coworking Space

La Colmena Coworking is a friendly, stylish and well-equipped rural coworking space located in the heart of Prado del Rey, just off the main square. It provides fast and reliable fibre optic internet, a meeting room, permanent and hot desks, a small kitchen with free tea and coffee, and a chill-out space. Everything you need to work comfortably, productively, and hold meetings in a modern and professional environment.

The main coworking area

8. Growing Entrepreneurial Scene

The town is home to a growing entrepreneurial scene, with a range of startups and small businesses, including a growing number of expats that have relocated.

9. A Welcoming Environment

Finally, Prado del Rey is known for its welcoming environment, with a friendly local community that is eager to support new businesses and help them to thrive.

In conclusion, Prado del Rey is an attractive and thriving town that offers businesses a unique combination of beautiful surroundings and a supportive local community. If you’re looking to relocate your business to the Sierra de Cadiz, then Prado del Rey should be at the top of your list.